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High Level Glass Replacement

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High Level Glass Replacement

High Level Glass Replacement operations are a core service we offer our clients and Sky Access UK are the only IRATA registered contractor who specialise in conducting high level glass replacements throughout the UK.
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Experts in High Level Glass Replacements Nationwide

As IRATA Member Rope Access contractor, Sky Access UK have the experience and knowledge required to safely conduct high level glazing replacements. Our expertise in difficult access operations means our team have conducted works to a variety of glazed structures including –

  • Atriums
  • Overhead glazing
  • glazed facades of all heights
  • canopies
  • rooflights
  • high level windows.

All projects have their own individual requirements and risks. To ensure we offer the best solution for your high level window replacement, we will attend site to assess the project specific risks and choose the safest and most efficient method to conduct the replacement. This safety-first approach has led us to work on several iconic structures nationwide.


What is the process to replace glazing at height?

Our history of conducting high level glass replacements has shown that flexibility is key. With this in mind, we conduct works at times to suit client requirements and minimise disruption. This often leads to night and weekend working to suit.

The surveying team will conduct a pre-works assessment of the existing glazing to ascertain sizes and specification to enable us to closely match the existing glass where possible prior to procurement. All projects will have site specific method statement and risk assessments produced to allow our Technicians to safely conduct any high level glass replacements required

Any access restraints can be overcome with our experienced team incorporating IRATA Trained Rope Access Technicians, IPAF trained Mobile Working Platform Operatives, PASMA trained scaffold operatives and many more.

Sky Access UK are able to supply all required access and associated equipment required to conduct high level glass replacements as part of a total solution – there are no hidden costs. This will include other individual project requirements including any road closures, permits, ground marshalling that is needed to ensure works are completed. All inclusions are within our quotation so our clients have peace of mind everything is included.

If you have a high level glass replacement, then contact our team here.