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Glazing Inspections

At Sky Access UK we tailor our glazing inspections to our clients requirements including additional services such as water testing or immediate spot repairs.
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Glazing inspection and Surveys are being increasingly requested as part of a preventative maintenance program to identify and eliminate any health and safety risks posed by glazed structures. We tailor our glazing inspections to our clients requirements including additional services such as water testing or immediate spot repairs.

Why a Health and Safety glazing inspection?

A Health and Safety Glazing Inspection is often requested to protect building occupants / the general public and ensure insurance requirements are met.  This is especially prevalent where the glazing is at height or in an overhead application.  Our Surveying Team will attend site to identify defects with the system.

Typical issues identified from our glazing condition survey can include –

  • Defective glazing – cracked panels or those suffering from hermetic seal failure (misted)
  • Causes of leaks
  • Missing / defective fixings
  • Defective / missing weather seals
  • Condition of existing system gasketry
  • Defective mechanisms
  • Insufficient glass isolation
  • Non-safety glass

What's included within the Glazing Inspection report?

Our surveying team will assess the structure and create a photographic log of any defects identified. These will be collated into a photographic report where we highlight any issues and the subsequent risks posed. Upon completion, we provide our recommended repairs to address identified defects and return the system to a serviceable standard. Any items requiring immediate attention are identified separately.

In addition to conducting the inspection, we are also able to conduct recommended remedial repairs to save you the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors.


Does your site require an annual overhead glazing inspection?

We work with a number of commercial clients in conducting annual overhead glazing inspections. These inspections are conducted to a number of different properties including shopping centres, offices, retail outlets and more. Our inspection will assess the glazing systems at the point of attendance to identify any defects and health and safety hazards. We then offer a report with photographic defects and a list of recommended remedial repairs.

Conducting these annual overhead glazing inspections allows our clients to keep their property safe whilst also providing their insurance company evidence that risks have been managed.

What structures can we inspect?

Our glazing inspections are conducted to a variety of structures including overhead glazing, atriums, curtain wall facades, overhead canopies and windows throughout the UK. Prior to works, we will specify the safest method of access to inspect the glazed structures considering height and locations. We can access structures using our in-house IRATA trained Rope Access Technicians, MEWP's using IPAF Technicians or existing gantry / cradle systems.

Have you had an issue where glass spontaneously fractured?

Glazing fractures can be caused by a variety of different issues such as poor installation quality, external impact or inclusions within the glazing panes. Our team can assist with spontaneous glass breakages investigations. This can include a visual inspection of the quality of installation of the defective glazing or the testing of fractured glass for any inclusions.

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