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Emergency Glazing

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Emergency Glazing

In the event of a glass breakage at height, it is critical to ensure the area is isolated immediately and the unit assessed. Our IRATA trained Rope Access Technicians can attend site to conduct Emergency glazing make-safes.
safe temporary repair
minimial disruption
laboratory analysis

Whilst the glazing will require replacement long term, our team are able to assess the fractured glazing. Our Technicians will then specify the safest form of temporary repair either the application of emergency glazing film or the removal of defective broken glass and installation of temporary boarding / weatherproofing to minimise disruption to building occupiers.

Our site team will look to identify the cause of impact. Where required, we can collect a sample of the defective glazing in order to send for laboratory analysis to assess for nickel sulphide inclusion – a common defective in toughened glass which can result in spontaneous breakages.

Once our works are completed, our team will look to provide a quotation to replace the defective glazing and complete the glass replacement.