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Commercial Glazing

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Scope of Works
  • We were tasked with the replacement of commercial glazing - a large oversized unit in a difficult to reach location
  • The replacement was located around the side of the building with restricted access. The replacement unit was over 4600mm in height and weighed over 300KG each so a bespoke access solution was required
  • The client was unable to find a local commercial glazing contractor capable to undertake the works or source the glass
The Solution

Our initial focus was on finding a replacement unit to match the existing. After an analysis of the provided O+M information, we obtained original glass specifications and used our supply chain to obtain competitive prices for an oversized unit. Few UK manufacturers are capable of producing large units of this size but we were able to get a replacement to match.

To access the works area, we utilised our in-house rope access Technicians with the glass movement handled by our supply partner GGR - working under full contract lift conditions.

Given the oversized nature of the glass, we required specialist transport to safely deliver the glass to site - this was supplied by MLT transport.

Upon completion of works, we handed the site back over to a happy client.

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