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Glazing Leak Repair

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Glazing Leak Repair

Sky Access UK specialise in glazing leak repair projects. We identify the causes of glazing leaks as well as producing tailored repair packages to resolve issues and eliminate associated risks.
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Why Sky Access for you Glazing Leak Repair?

Our priority is an initial assessment to detect the cause of the leak before a tailored  repair solution is proposed. When left unaddressed or incorrectly repaired, glazing leaks can manifest into more expensive issues and result in increased health and safety risk to building tenants. 

All glazing leaks have an initial site survey to assess defects and the specific access requirements. Where required, we can conduct water tests to glazing systems to identify leak locations and conduct spot repairs. Furthermore, when an issue is identified we will investigate the replacement of defective components and propose upgrades. This provides clients with long term peace of mind.

What are common glazing leak repair Sky Access conduct?

  • Replacement of defective silicone weather seals
  • Replacement of existing system gasketry
  • Application of a specialist butyl glazing tape
  • Replacement of defective components
  • Adaptations / introduction of new components to change system drainage

Our expertise in specialist access mean we can assist with glazing leaks regardless of location including -

What can cause glazing leaks?

There can be a number of reasons for a glazing leak so it is important to ensure the structure is correctly surveyed and issues identified. They often occur during a systems lifespan due to age related dilapidation of components such as existing weather seals and gaskets or through blockages as a result of a lack of maintenance. Common causes for glazing leaks include –

  • Incorrect installation
  • Seal failure
  • Defective glass to glass joints
  • Failure of system gasketry
  • Failure of system drainage
  • Damage to glazing system components.

Using our specialist access capabilities, Sky Access UK can assess and identify the causes of glazing leaks as well as produce a tailored repair package to resolve issues and eliminate associated risks. Not all glazing leaks are age related – they can sometimes be the result of incorrectly specified past repairs or the result of incorrect installation.

What happens if overhead glazing leak repair are not undertaken?

We would always recommend that leaks to overhead glazing are repaired at the earliest opportunity. When correctly serviced, there should be no water ingress in structure. In the event a leak does occur, there is the possibility of damage to internal fixings and an increased risk to building tenants from slips and hazards.

Should a leak be left unaddressed, it can result in increased damage to the glazing system and cause increased costs in the long term when repairs are required. Don't delay - get in contact today to address your overhead glazing leak!

For peace of mind, we can also offer a warranty on completed works against leaks reoccurring. Contact our team to find out more.