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London High Level Glazing Replacement

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London High Level Glazing Replacement

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Scope of Works
  • Replacement of Bespoke glazing panels with specialist frit detailing to this central London Headquarters
  • Previous glass replacements were conducted by others using a crane which was expensive and extended the lead times due to licence and road closure requirements. The client was looking for a cost-effective alternative that would allow for a quicker replacement
The Solution

As a specialist in high level works, we were able to formulate an alternative method using our in-house IRATA trained Technicians that was safe, cost effective and allowed for a significant reduction in lead time for replacement.

In order to match the aesthetic appearance of the existing glazing, we sourced the replacement panel from a European supply partner.

To conduct the glass replacement a counter-balanced floor crane was located at roof level to assist with the removal of existing and installation of replacement glazing.

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