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Atrium Glass Replacement

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Atrium Glass Replacement

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Scope of Works

An overhead glazed panel was found to be fractured directly above the main footfall entrance to this busy superstore.

No direct access to the atrium structure was available for works and the structure was surrounded by a car park with weight restrictions minimising options.

Sky Access were instructed by the client to come up with a method to conduct the works knowing our expertise in conducting atrium glazing repairs.

The Solution

Given the high footfall location and constant use of the entranceway, works had to be conducted out of hours to minimise disruption.

To enable the replacement glazing to be transported to the works area, we positioned our spider crane with glass lifting equipment on the car park roof. Weight spreading mats were utilised due to the weight restrictions.

We utilised a specialist truck mounted platform with an extended outreach to enable direct access to the glazing. This was positioned in an adjacent bay to the works area to negate the weight loading issues of the car park.

Working together, our team completed the removal and replacement of the defective atrium glazing in one shift removing all equipment to ensure the clients next trading day was not impacted by works.

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