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Atrium Glazing Repair

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Atrium Glazing Repair

Using our in-house High Level Glazing Technicians, we conduct atrium glazing repair and refurbishment operations to overhead glazed structures throughout the UK.
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Atrium glazing repair and refurbishment programs are increasingly being chosen by our clients as a cost effective solution to replacement of existing structures. Our teams are able to specify atrium glazing repairs in order to rectify common issues. These include items such as glass breakages,  water ingress / leaks and emergency make-safes 

Our wealth of experience working at height in the glazing industry means we are confident in providing our client with a safe and effective solution to their overhead glazing requirements. We work with multiple stakeholders including consultants, third party contractors as well as local councils and authorities as required.

We can conduct a variety of atrium glazing repair projects including –

Given these structures are at height, they require an experienced contractor to safely minimise the increased risks. At Sky Access UK, our focus on delivering these operations safely and in a professional manner has led us to work nationally for a variety of clients. Our IRATA membership offers peace of mind that we are a high-level access company that meets the most stringent standards.

Our project page includes a number of recent operations including a recent overhead atrium glazing refurbishment at a large shopping centre.

Are you experiencing water ingress to your overhead glazing?

Our expertise is in working at height - this means we are able to conduct repairs to solve water ingress to a variety of commercial glass roof structures. Atrium glass roofs come in a variety of shapes and sizes with vertical, horizontal and bespoke structures and we are able to safely access them all.

Why should you conduct atrium maintenance?

We offer atrium maintenance services to our clients to provide a safe and well maintained overhead system. Our atrium maintenance programs commence with an initial inspection and repair program to identify and replace defective components. This enables us to provide our clients with ongoing water ingress guarantees. As part of the ongoing commitment, we then conduct regular maintenance visits allowing these guarantees to be extended.

How do we safely access atrium glazing?

Atrium glazing structures come in a variety of shapes and sizes which often require specialist access solutions. We will always attend site to survey and assess these options before submitting our proposals to clients on the safest access methods be this rope access, scaffold, machine or existing cradle systems. Regardless of location, be it a glass roof in London or Manchester, we will be able to provide a solution for your overhead glazing requirement.

Our surveying team conduct regular inspections of atrium glazing and other overhead glazing structures as part of an annual health and safety audit. These can help to identify defects before they manifest into more difficult repairs as well as providing peace of mind to building tenants. Our reports can also be provided to help cost refurbishment programs or end of lease repairs.

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If you have a requirement for atrium glazing repairs or any other overhead glass structure then please contact a member of our team here.