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Glass Roof Repair

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Glass Roof Repair

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Scope of Works

After ongoing issues, our client required a solution for a glass roof repair. The glazed structure sat above a busy retail premises and the water ingress was posing a health and safety hazard to building users due to slippage hazards.

The glass roof was installed with silicon butt joints between the glazed panels. These silicon joints act as the primary weather seal to the system and over time, splits and shrinkage can occur which cause leaks.

Sky Access were instructed by our client due to our specialism in atrium glazing repairs.

The Solution

After conducting an assessment for access, our team commenced with a water test to the glazed structure in order to pinpoint the locations of water ingress.

The glass roof was showing signs of age related dilapidation with sections of the silicon glass to glass joints found to have holes and shrinkage. Where these defects were found, our team removed the existing defects seals and adjoining sections and replaced with new.

As part of our works, we produced a photographic report on work completion detailing the issues identified before and after repairs. This offered our clients peace of mind that works were complete whilst also being able to assess the standard of repairs conducted.

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