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Glass Canopy Repairs

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Glass Canopy Repairs

Glass Canopy Repairs can involve a variety of works including the refurbishment, replacement and repair of individual components alongside annual inspections
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Glazed Canopy Repair Specialists

Glass Canopy structures are increasingly found to the frontage of commercial and retail properties to offer both protection and an improved aesthetic appearance to site. The regular maintenance and repair of a glazed canopy is important to protect both the building occupants and the general public.

It is often the case that damage to these structures occurs from either a lack of maintenance to the structure or accidental damage from falling objects / impact damage.

Why Sky Access for your Canopy Glazing Repair?

With our specialism in glazing at height, Sky Access are regularly tasked with undertaking complex glass canopy repairs throughout the UK. Our clients are offered a full comprehensive solution for their project requirements and we include for all access, materials, lifting equipment and any associated permits / licences.

This focus has led us to work with a number of commercial and retail clients throughout the UK.

Our experience of working on these structures in high footfall locations means we understand a flexible approach is required to minimise disruption to the building occupiers. With this in mind, we often conduct works at hours to suit our clients to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

What Canopy Glazing Repairs can we conduct?

Our experienced Glazing Technicians undertake a large variety of repairs to glass canopy structures including -

  • Canopy Glass Replacement
  • Inspection of Glass Canopy structures
  • Canopy Glazing Leak Repairs
  • Refurbishment to Glass Canopies
  • Replacement of canopy glazing isolation
  • Assessment and repairs to associated fixings

How do we conduct repairs to glazed canopies?

Each site has its own specific requirements and we assess all options to choose the safest method. This has led us to use a variety of solutions including rope access, glazing robots, specialist floor cranes, mechanical access as well as city cranes to conduct repairs.

If you require assistance with the repair of your canopy structure then get in contact with our Team here.