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Difficult Access Glass Replacement

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Difficult Access Glass Replacement

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Scope of Works

The client requested our assistance to help replace a patch fitted double glazed unit that had shattered. No O+M records of the glazing or the hole detail for patch fittings were available.

The defective glazing was located at height as part of a feature façade, but external steelwork made access very difficult for conventional access equipment.

The Solution

Prior to works commencing, we attended site to assess access methods and to conduct a pre-lim measure of the defective glazing to ascertain the hole details. A drawing of the replacement glass was produced and sent to our glass manufacturing partner to make a replacement unit.

Given the location of the glazing, we utilised our in-house IRATA trained Rope Access Technicians. This allowed us direct access to the glazing face which was not possible with machinery due to the adjacent steelwork.

The access restraints also meant that using a crane to install the glass was not possible. As an alternative our team used a counter-balanced floor crane. This was positioned above the works area at roof level to negotiate the glazing around existing steelwork.

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