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Curtain Wall Refurbishment

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Curtain Wall Refurbishment

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Scope of Works
  • Client had an existing structure which was suffering from the effects of age-related dilapidation including multiple leaks missing components.
  • Survey identified existing non-safety glazing specification to curtain walling.
The Solution

After our initial survey, we put together a variety of refurbishment proposals to suit the client’s budget. Given the age of the system, the client went for a full refurbishment package.

Due to the existing glazing being non-safety, we commenced with the complete removal and replacement with a clear laminate safety glass. This was conducted in stages to reduce disruption to building tenants.

To alleviate the water ingress issues, we replaced the existing system components such as gaskets and weather seals as part of the full overhaul. A water test upon completion of each area was conducted to ensure works were completed correctly.

Upon completion, we offered the client a long-term guarantee against future water ingress to provide peace of mind on the integrity of completed works.

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